Let's Talk
About Your Project.

Let's Talk About Your Project.

I would be glad to learn more about you and your needs and to discuss how we can improve your public speaking experience together .

Alice Tumler
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      Alice Tumler
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      Alice Tumler - Eurovision
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      Austrian World Summit

      I am very much looking forward to hosting the The AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT on June 20 together with radio…

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      “Das Frauen Atelier” – Authenticity Coaching for Women

      Das Frauen Atelier” is Alice Tumler’s and Karin Singer Golliasch’s new project dedicated to authenticity coaching for women and aims at enabling women to take up their place in the world under their terms.

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      Finding our way back to powerful authentic female communication

      I’ve always been fascinated by female beauty and behavior and how they are shaped by society and local cultures. I love to witness how women in Cameroon demonstrate authority by taking up physical space and speaking loudly, how Brazilian women make their long sleek hair rock from side to side in a never-ending sensual dance…