QE Pro : Zertifiziert in emotionaler Intelligenz

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Ich bin stolz, Ihnen verkünden zu dürfen, dass ich seit September in Emotionaler Intelligenz ausgebildet bin. Dank dieses neuen Wissens verfüge ich  über zahlreiech neue Tools, um Ihnen die Angst vor Präsentationen oder Publikum zu nehmen.

Ausserdem arbeite ich nun zusammen mit dem QE Pro Team (QE Pro ist der erste wissenschaftliche Emotionale Intelligenstest, der eigens für Manager entwickelt wurde. Bislang nur auf französisch erhältlich.) und unterstütze Manager dabei, neue emotionale Strategien zu entwickeln.

Emmanuel MACRON - Président Français | Interview Alice Tumler

TRACE Meets Macron

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Happy new year!

2017 ended with quite a surprise for me: I was contacted by  the afro-urban TV channel TRACE just over a month ago for a rather special event. They had invited French president Emmanuel Macron to exchange with the African youth and answer their most pressing questions, and he agreed. I hosted the show „TRACE Meets Macron“ in a start-up incubator in Accra, Ghana, where the president met several young successful African entrepreneurs.  In my face-to-face interview, we discussed issues such as education, employment, colonialism and the actual migration issue. Now I am excited to see what 2018 will bring! I wish you all the best!

Alice Tumler | Austrian World Summit

R20 Austrian World Summit

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On June 20th, a great number of UN health and environment experts, international politcal leaders and CEOs from different business sectors from around the world joint forces in Vienna during the R20 Austrian World Summit.

Organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s NGO R20 and with the patronage of the Federal President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen, the conference aimed at presenting and discussing different solutions and initiative to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to slow down and stop climate change. Norway is definitely a pioneer in climate action trying to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030!  But I was also very moved by the solar projects in Burkina Faso, bringing light and clean air as well as empowerment to women  and children at the same time. It was an honour to host the summit. Now it is up to us to make sure we cool down the planet before it is too late.

Alice Tumler | Austrian World Summit

We all have a story to tell.

Alice Tumler | Award 2017

Award 2017

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Two weeks ago I hosted the Index Award 2017 in Copenhaguen  – the biggest design award on the planet! Since 2005 the Index Award has shown the world how design is an essential part of every aspect of human life and of any  sustainable solution to global challenges.  The Index jury received 1401 amazing nominations from 83 countries worldwide!

I was blessed to meet some of the finalists and all of the winners, as well as the entire INDEX: Design to Improve Life crew,  a happy bunch of incredibly smart, motivated and positive people, whose everyday life consists of finding ways to change the world for the better. I also had the the honour of meeting Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess of Denmark, who handed over the INDEX Award in the category „Community“. Thank you INDEX for these inspiring days!