QE Pro : certifiée en intelligence émotionnelle

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Je suis ravie de vous annoncer que je suis désormais certifiée en intelligence émotionnelle depuis le mois de septembre. Ce nouveau savoir-faire me permet d’aborder la prise de parole en public et tous les états émotionnels qu’elle peut déclencher avec plein de nouveaux outils !

Mais au-delà du coaching, je travaille désormais aussi en collaboration avec l’équipe du QE Pro – le premier test d’intelligence émotionnelle spécialement conçu pour les managers et dirigeants – me permettant d’analyser les résultats et de donner des pistes de développement aux personnes ayant passé le test QE Pro en ligne.


Pour plus d’information sur le QE Pro, rendez-vous sur le site https://www.qe-pro.com


Si vous souhaitez passer le test et prendre rendez-vous en ligne avec moi pour une analyse, contactez-moi directement par mail.

Emmanuel MACRON - Président Français | Interview Alice Tumler

TRACE Meets Macron

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Happy new year!

2017 ended with quite a surprise for me: I was contacted by  the afro-urban TV channel TRACE just over a month ago for a rather special event. They had invited French president Emmanuel Macron to exchange with the African youth and answer their most pressing questions, and he agreed. I hosted the show « TRACE Meets Macron » in a start-up incubator in Accra, Ghana, where the president met several young successful African entrepreneurs.  In my face-to-face interview, we discussed issues such as education, employment, colonialism and the actual migration issue. Now I am excited to see what 2018 will bring! I wish you all the best!
Alice Tumler | Award 2017

Award 2017

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Two weeks ago I hosted the Index Award 2017 in Copenhaguen  – the biggest design award on the planet! Since 2005 the Index Award has shown the world how design is an essential part of every aspect of human life and of any  sustainable solution to global challenges.  The Index jury received 1401 amazing nominations from 83 countries worldwide!

I was blessed to meet some of the finalists and all of the winners, as well as the entire INDEX: Design to Improve Life crew,  a happy bunch of incredibly smart, motivated and positive people, whose everyday life consists of finding ways to change the world for the better. I also had the the honour of meeting Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess of Denmark, who handed over the INDEX Award in the category « Community ». Thank you INDEX for these inspiring days!


Alice Tumler | Austrian World Summit

R20 Austrian World Summit

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On June 20th, a great number of UN health and environment experts, international politcal leaders and CEOs from different business sectors from around the world joint forces in Vienna during the R20 Austrian World Summit.

Organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s NGO R20 and with the patronage of the Federal President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen, the conference aimed at presenting and discussing different solutions and initiative to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to slow down and stop climate change. Norway is definitely a pioneer in climate action trying to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030!  But I was also very moved by the solar projects in Burkina Faso, bringing light and clean air as well as empowerment to women  and children at the same time. It was an honour to host the summit. Now it is up to us to make sure we cool down the planet before it is too late.

Alice Tumler | Austrian World Summit

We all have a story to tell.

Perroquet Alice Tumler

Ma nouvelle identité visuelle

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Je tenais à vous faire partager cette vidéo du dessin réalisé par les équipes d’Almarena, pour ma nouvelle identité.

Pourquoi un perroquet ? Car c’est un oiseau avec beaucoup de signification pour moi et mon travail, il est captivant par ses couleurs et sa grace, il symbolise le voyage, l’évasion et l’éloquence !
We all have a story to tell.

Life Ball 2017 Alice Tumler

Life Ball 2017

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On Saturday, June 10th 2017 , I was very happy to be once again part of the Life Ball family by hosting the TV program « Das Vorspiel »together with Peter Schneeberger  just before the Life Ball opening. I had the great pleasure to meet the most amazing, humble and dedicated people such as the Austrian star chef Wolfgang Puck, who cooked for this year’s Oscar ceremony, and his beautiful and commited wife fashion designer Gelila Assefa Puck, who attended the ball for the first time as the representative of her own foundation « Dream for Future Africa ».
For me, this event is always a symbol of life and joy and it reminds us, that the fight against AIDS is not over yet.

Life Ball 2017


Animation de conférence

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Animée avec Janine Karabi sur le thème de la différence culturelle en entreprise. Nous avons développé notre propre méthode pratique pour appréhender ce sujet : Différences culturelles : un atout pour votre entreprise !

Différences Culturelles, Diversité » le sujet est loin d’être une priorité en entreprise. Et pourtant…. avec la digitalisation des rapports commerciaux et professionnels, c’est un sujet qui impacte votre société plus que vous ne le pensez. Dirigeants, Managers, DRHs venez découvrir de façon pratique comment :

> Recruter vos collaborateurs et booster vos équipes
> Développer de nouveaux clients
> Innover et exporter vos activités à l’étranger en faisant de la différence culturelle un réel atout pour votre performance économique

CCI LYON METROPOLE |  Les Jeudis de l’Entreprise

Alice Tumler - Eurovision

Austrian World Summit

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I am very much looking forward to hosting the The AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT on June 20 together with radio presenter Riem Higazi in Vienna. The conference, organized by Senator Arnold Schwarzenegger’s non-profit environmental organization R20 -Regions of Climate Action, will bring together leading politicians, businesses, civil society & NGOs, start-ups, representatives of regions and cities as well as scientists and experts to develop and discuss solutions to important future issues.

This forum will offer an international network platform to accelerate the realization of sustainable projects and to showcase successful factors of best practice projects in consideration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Parts of it will be broadcasted on ORF III and www.austrianworldsummit.com starting from 10:00 – Tuesday 20th June 2017